What is trusty sidekick theater company?

Trusty Sidekick Theater Company creates bold, original productions for young people and their families. Rooted firmly in the belief that kids deserve theater that ignites their imaginations and makes them think about the world in a new way, the company combines immersive staging and inventive theatricality to find new ways for audiences of all ages and abilities to interact with live performance.  Hailed by The New York Times for “blur[ring] the boundaries between the imagined and the real,” Trusty Sidekick redefines the theatrical experience for a new generation.  www.trustysidekick.org

Are LC Kids Autism Performances right for my child?

LC Kids Autism Performances have been designed specifically for young people of all abilities on the autism spectrum (ages 5 and up). They feature a high performer to audience ratio, so that each child receives one-on-one attention throughout the performance. Autism Performances are brought to life through music, multisensory storytelling, and hands-on engagement. Sensory supports are made available, including a quiet area where audiences can take a break from the show’s action. 

How do I get tickets?

Because these performances are designed as intimate experiences and limited to a small number of audience members, the ticketing process is different than many other performances you may have encountered. You can fill out a ticket request form on our website, where you will be asked for some basic information to help us get to know your child, so that we can tailor the experience to their needs. Tickets are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. Within five business days of your request, we will contact you to confirm your tickets and other details. 

How much do tickets cost?

Tickets are $18 each ($12 for members). Each family is eligible for one participating child ticket, and up to two additional guests (adult family members, siblings, or friends), for a maximum number of three tickets per order. Each young person must be accompanied by at least one adult. 

Are there loud noises or bright lights during the performances?

LC Kids Autism Performances are designed with your child's needs in mind, so all sound and lighting effects happen gradually and never reach an overwhelming level. If your child is especially sensitive to sound, we have noise canceling headphones available should they find the performance too loud. Audience members are also always welcome to take a break in the quiet area if they find any part of the performance overstimulating. 

Is the theater wheelchair accessible?

Yes. When you register for tickets please be sure to share this information so we can prepare for your visit and provide all of the necessary information to you. 

What kinds of supports are available at the performances?

To help prepare your child for the performance, we create a video and printable social story for each show. Visual schedules are frequently incorporated into the performances. Additionally, every performance provides a quiet area where audiences can go at any time, and fidgets and noise canceling headphones are available if needed. 

My child does not have autism. Can we still attend?

LC Kids Autism Performances are intended for audience members on the autism spectrum and with other developmental differences or sensory needs. If your child is neurotypically developing, we ask that you do not request a ticket for them, as seating is very limited and our priority is to serve our intended audiences with these performances. For information about other LC Kids performances not designed specifically for audiences on the autism spectrum, please visit Kids.LincolnCenter.org.

For additional questions:

please contact Alison Mahoney by e-mail at amahoney@lincolncenter.org or by phone at 212.875.5522.